Raising American Excellence

As a native of Northern California, I know both the struggles and the potential of our wonderful part of this country. Like many of you, I am deeply troubled by the political path our country is on. It is more clear than ever that business as usual–both in the Democratic party and in our nation's capital–will not bring us the change we desperately need. That is why I hope you will support me as I run for Congress in California's 7th Congressional District.

Our campaign is based on a very simple premise: When young people have a clear path to the middle class, America prospers. I believe we can shape that path by removing barriers that ration health care, starve education, and smother job creation. That means getting money out of politics, expanding Medicare coverage to every American, making public colleges tuition free, and countering the effects of monopoly and automation.

Please join us in our fight against wealthy special interests and right-wing ideology. Together, we can restore faith in the American Dream.

- Brad

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